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Richard E. Gilbert

Richard E. Gilbert
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Richard E. Gilbert is the owner and founder of Ashland Investments, which was established in Niagara Falls, N.Y. in 1963. Mr. Gilbert began by dealing in both coins and watches while also teaching mathematics full time. His educational background includes a Master's of Science in Education and Mathematics.

New York State locations for Ashland included Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Ashland was located in the Statler Building in downtown Buffalo until Mr. Gilbert's purchase of the Knox Mansion. This magnificent home was built in 1903 and in 1922 became a residence for the Bishop of Buffalo, New York. Mr. Gilbert bought and completely refurbished the building in 1980 + 1981, making it the headquarters for Ashland Investments. The difficult winter of 1982 made selling the Knox Mansion and moving to Sarasota, Florida an easy decision.

Ashland has always dealt in collectible and investment grade timepieces. Thus, some of the most exceptional items of vertu have been acquired by clients of Ashland.

In 1992 Mr. Gilbert joined with Tom Engle and Cooksey Shugart to co-author The Complete Price Guide to Watches. Starting with volume 12 of this annual price guide, Mr. Gilbert was instrumental in upgrading the book and keeping the prices reflective of the current market.

Another endeavor in book writing was The Complete Price Guide to Antique Jewelry, which he co-authored with James H. Wolf. Copyrighted in 1998, this publication proved to be an early price and identification guide to the collectible antique jewelry market.

Mr. Gilbert is also a sought after lecturer with his favorite topic being "Vintage Watches and Objects of Vertu" He has given lectures in both the United States and England.

As a "life member" of the NAWCC, Richard Gilbert still is an avid collector and seller of watches and investment grade items. He is just as passionate about the business now as the day he bought his first watch.

As the man who fathered and nurtured Richard M. Gilbert, Richard E. Gilbert is always available for any consultation that eAshland.net might request.

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