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2008 Market Report

The 2007 watch market followed many of the trends which were established in the prior year. High grade vintage wristwatches (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Rolex) continued to rise and thematic auctions like Antiquorum's "Omegamania" set records and influenced the values on secondary level names such as Omega, Longines, International Watch Co. etc. Vintage chronograph wristwatches were up sharply and condition continued to be a prime factor relative to value.

The strong showing by wristwatches were matched by substantial increases in value for high end pocket watches such as perpetuals, repeaters and chronometers. The rare American pocket watch sector held its values well but the number of rare pieces on the market tended to drop off dramatically from past years. Railroad watches slowed and prices softened a little, which is most likely a reflection of the economic uncertainty felt by most Americans in 2007.

Early 17th century watches showed tremendous gains in price and demand as the availability is dwindling faster than ever. More "common" verge fusees are still a super value. These sleepers are long overdue for an increase in price. Gold pocket watch prices remained steady thanks to a stronger bullion market yet demand for this segment is still soft. Multi colors in gold were also quiet this year.

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