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2003 Market Update

A world record was set for a dial only. ($3,302.00) It was a Ferguson enamel railroad dial, pristine mint new old stock and never on a movement, made for Illinois Ball, 16 size and on back of dial stamped (6192 patented USA 1908-Canada 1908-Mexico 1908-England 1909-France 1909-Spain 1909-Australia 1908-Switzerland 1908). Also a new old stock Ferguson 16 size RR dial never on a movement for a Howard Waltham with the above also stamped on back of dial and sold for $1,802.77. A Waltham “Stone Movement” with perfectly transparent 3/4-crystal plate movement only in a display case, serial #16, 16 size, 16 jewels, gold train, Fogg’s tadpole regulator, transparent crystal cock bridge and enamel dial not in good condition. This rare movement fetched a price of $31,000.00. A Edward Howard, 16 size, 23J., sapphire banking pins, wolf-tooth winding, Free sprung, Adj. 5P, DR, with original outer card and mahogany fitted box, extra mainspring, crystal and certificate, 18K Edward Howard case, sold for $17,200.00. A Rockford grade 950 winding indicator, 21 jewels, gold filled case, sold for $6,900.00. A Hamilton “Navigation Master”, grade 3992B, base metal case sold for $3,450.00. A Hamilton “Spur” wrist watch 14K white gold case with original box and papers sold for $8,995.00. A Ball Official RR Standard by Hamilton, 16 size, 23 jewels, with C.E. DeLong’s upright D shaped pallets, S# B606,764, gold filled case sold for $9,200.00.

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