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2004 Market Update

Overall activity in the watch market increased last year with several interesting trends emerging. The impact of the internet is influencing the market in new and exciting ways. There is tremendous demand for ultra-fine, rare timepieces and when an interesting watch is offered, new record price levels are set.

The limited number of watch collectors in the 1950-2000 period is a thing of the past. New technology has created a global market of collectibles which will expand rapidly in the next few years. Serious collectors should take note - this trend will surely accelerate and increase both prices and demand.

Ultra rare American pocket watches are moving upwards rapidly. The same is true for better, vintage wrist watches, especially Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin models. Early verge pockets are strong and repeaters are rebounding from a few "quiet" years.

The American railroad market is leveling off after several years of increasing prices which suggests that now may be a good time to invest, before the next upward trend begins. The gold pocket watch and U. S. keywind markets are ripe for bargain hunters, both are tremendously undervalued and prices can only go up in the future.

In closing, 2004 was a healthy year for the watch market and all indicators suggest an even better, more active market for the upcoming years.

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