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8 Jewel H. Bissen Swiss Keywind Pocket Watch With Gold Chain

This rare combination starts with a wonderful mint gold hunters case fully engraved with swirl miniature flowers, fancy scroll frames and engine turnings. The case is signed “H. Bissen” on the inner gold cuvette. The thin-line gilt cylinder movement. is in good running order and fronted by Breguet moon hands and a very fine white porcelain dial with Roman hr. chapters. The early keywind comes with a Victorian chain which measures 30” long. It features a shepherds hook, a fancy hand form swivel and a original gold fancy handled winding key. The timepiece comes in an ultra-rare Gutta-percha box which measures 3-1/2” x 4” x 7/8”. The back outer edge is beautifully finished with scallop and bead designs. The front features a similar pattern around the edges and a very elaborate design which imitates the engraving of the pocket watch at center. The Gutta-percha is formed to show a small pocket watch with a chain, a shepherds hook, a swivel and a winding key in nearly identical detail to the original watch key and chain which are enclosed. Very unique!

Price: $2,500.00
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SKU: OB122006-32
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