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40mm 18K Gold, Open-Face, Keywind/Keyset, Circa 1810 R-3*

This extra-clean, gilt, verge movement is signed "Berthoud Paris No. 6440." It is supported by cylindrical pillars and topped by a fancy pierced two-footed balance cock with a silver disc regulator. The verge movement comes in a rare gold case decorated with a crisscross pattern on the outer edges and a beautiful Greek column on the back cover along with a small flower vase. The front bezel is decorated with clear paste stones, the condition is near Mint**. The dial is Very Fine*** with fancy paste and silver rosette separating the Roman hour chapters. The white filigree hands are also set with decorative paste stones. The dial is also marked with large 5-minute numerals.

Price: $2,425.00
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SKU: CAT 115-48
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